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以下是有關使用本網站的條款及細則。閣下進入及使用澳門物品編碼協會網站即表示你已閱讀、明白及同意受本條款及條件約束。我們會隨時作出修改而不另行通知。 如果你不同意以上的條款及細則,請不要使用本網站。

在澳門物品編碼協會網站所載有及藉本網站取得的資料,只是作一般指導用途及欲以提供使用者一般所關心的資料或某些特別的事宜,而並不是撤底地處理那些事宜。 網站內提供的資料並非欲以取代或代替任何法律、投資、稅務、帳目或任何界別的專業人士、諮詢或服務。

No Warranties 不作保證

All Information was either supplied by third parties, including but not to limited to brand owners, distributers, retailers, merchants and GS1 Macau. GS1 Macau will use the best effort to conduct manual checking of product information captured by ourselves. For other sources, GS1 Macau may not and may not be able to verify. GS1 Macau does not guarantee or warrant the website will be uninterrupted, without delay, error-free, omission-free, or free of viruses. Therefore, the information is provided "as is" without warranties of any kind, express or implied, including accuracy, timeliness and completeness. You should take such steps as you may deem fit to verify the contents of any information contained in or obtained through this website before making any decision in reliance on such information. In no event shall GS1 Macau be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, exemplary, punitive, consequential or other damages whatsoever (including, but not limited to, liability for loss of use, data or profits), in whatever cause of any action, including but not limited to contract, negligence or other tortious actions, arising out of or in connection with the website, any content on or accessed by use of this website, or any copying, display or other use hereof. GS1 Macau expressly excludes all liability for any damage or injury suffered directly or indirectly through the use of this website.

GS1 Macau makes no express or implied representations or warranties regarding this website or the information contained and accessed on the site. Without limiting the foregoing, GS1 Macau does not warrant that the information will be error-free or will meet any particular criteria of performance or quality. GS1 Macau expressly disclaims all express, implied or statutory warranties, including without limitation, warranties of merchantability, title, fitness for a particular purpose, non-infringement, compatibility, security and accuracy.

所有由第三方所提供的資訊,包括但不限於品牌持有人、分銷商、零售商、經銷商及澳門物品編碼協會。澳門物品編碼協會將盡力藉人手檢查本會所擷取的產品資訊。 至於其他資訊來源,澳門物品編碼協會則不可能及不能夠核實。澳門物品編碼協會不能保證或擔保本網站將不受中斷、不延誤、完全無誤、不遺漏、或完全沒載有任何 病毒。因此,本網站的一切均以當時情況及當時可供使用的情況提供,並不包含任何形式的 (不論明示或暗示) 保證或條件,包括資料的準確性、合時性及完整性。閣 下應該在作出與該資訊相關的任何決定之前,採取自己認為合適的步驟,核實載於本網站所獲得的任何資訊。對閣下因使用、或任何複製、展示或作其他用途使用本網 站的內容,而引起的任何直接、間接、附帶引起、特殊、模範、懲罰、相應或其他的損害,包括但不限於任何因使用而損壞、數據或利益的損失、不論任何引致訴訟的 原因,包括但不限於合同、疏忽或任何扭曲的行為、由本網站產生或連接本網站的資料、於本網站內的任何資料或使用本網站的資料,我們概不負責。對閣下因直接或 間接使用本網站而造成的任何損害或傷害,澳門物品編碼協會均一概絕不負責。

對於本網站或本網站所載或取得的資料,澳門物品編碼協會均沒作出明示或暗示的聲明或保證。不受前述的限制,澳門物品編碼協會不能擔保網站內的資料均完全無誤 或符合某些表現或質素的準則。澳門物品編碼協會免除因任何人使用網站內的資料而造成之直接、間接、附帶、特殊、模範、懲罰、或其他任何損害。閣下必須承擔使 用本網站內容所有有關的風險及因使用本網站資料而引起損失的風險。

Copyright and Trademarks 版權與商標

GS1 Macau owns the trademarks, logos and service marks displayed on this website. These may not be used without the written permission from GS1 Macau.

The program, publication, design, product, process, software, technology, information, know-how or idea in this website may be the subject of other rights, including other intellectual property rights, which are owned by the GS1 Macau and is not licensed to you hereunder. Materials on this site are protected by copyright. No part of these materials may be modified, copied, reproduced, published, sold, displayed, transmitted, distributed, stored in a retrieval system, created derivative works, or in any other way used or exploited the content of the GS1 Macau website without the prior written permission of GS1 Macau.


任何有關此網站下載的活動、刊物、設計、過程、軟件、科技、資訊、技能或構思均可能屬於其他人的產權,包括其他由澳門物品編碼協會擁有的知識產權,且並不許 可閣下使用這些知識產權。本網站所載材料受版權保護。未經澳門物品編碼協會事前以書面同意,不可將此等材料的任何部分作出修改、複製、翻版、印刷、銷售、展 示、傳送、分銷、儲存於檢索系統、製作任何基於本網站內容而製成的衍生產品或以任何其他途徑使用或利用有關本網站的內容。

Hyperlink Policy 網站連結政策

Hyperlinks from GS1 Macau website to other websites 從澳門物品編碼協會網頁超連結至其他網站和資源

In some cases, GS1 Macau may provide hyperlinks to other addresses, websites etc on the internet via hyperlinks on this website. Such hyperlinks may lead to websites or resources issued or operated by third parties that do not have any connection to GS1 Macau. The listing of such hyperlinks on our website is for the purpose of assisting users in browsing and for reference purposes. We are committed to selecting reputable websites and data sources for user convenience. However, the provision of hyperlinks other than GS1 Macau website is not deemed to be the consent of GS1 Macau to, recommend, endorse, warrant or promote any third party or services/products provided on its website, nor shall it be construed as any form of cooperation between GS1 Macau and such third parties and the website, unless GS1 Macau expressly declares a business cooperation.

GS1 Macau does not represent, warrant or assume the websites mentioned, accessed or linked by this website. GS1 Macau is not responsible for the content of any linked website or page other than GS1 Macau's website. Your use or access to such hyperlinks is at your own risk and GS1 Macau will not be liable if you cause or cause any damage or loss incurred or suffered by you as a result of the use of such website.

If you enter into any contractual arrangement with the supplier of other websites or resources other than this website, GS1 Macau is not a party to such arrangements unless the GS1 Macau has expressly indicated or agreed to be a party to it. If the linked website contains software that is available for download, such links are for your convenience only. GS1 Macau is not responsible for any problems or consequences you encounter when downloading the software. Please reminded that the use of any software downloaded from the internet may be subject to license agreements, and your failure to comply with the terms of such license agreements may result in infringement of the intellectual property rights of the software suppliers.

Please note that when you click a link, you will leave GS1 Macau website and enter to another website, and you are subject to the terms of use and privacy policy of the website.

某些情況下,澳門物品編碼協會會在本網站提供超連結至互聯網上其他地址、網站或資源。此等超連結可能引向由第三方發行或營運的網站或資源,而該等第三方並非 與本會有任何聯繫。本行的網站列入該等超連結,僅為協助用戶瀏覽和作參考之用。本會致力挑選聲譽良好的網站和資料來源,以方便用戶。然而,提供超連結至本會 網站以外的網站或網頁,並不視為本會同意、推薦、認可、保證或推介任何第三方或在其網站所提供的服務/產品,亦不可視為本會與該等第三方及網站有任何形式的 合作,除非澳門物品編碼協會已明確聲明有合作關係。本會並不代表、保證或承擔由本網站提及、進入或連結的網站。

澳門物品編碼協會並不會對本會網站以外任何連結網站或網頁的內容負任何責任。閣下使用或進入此等超連結,須自行承擔風險,如閣下因使用此等網站而產生或引致 由閣下承擔或蒙受的任何損害或損失,本會概不負責。如閣下與本網站以外其他網站或資源的供應者訂立任何合約安排,澳門物品編碼協會並非此等安排的其中一方, 除非澳門物品編碼協會已明確表明或同意作為其中一方。

如連結的網站含有可供下載的軟件,則此等連結僅為方便閣下而設。閣下在下載軟件時遇到任何問題或承擔任何後果,本會概不負責。請緊記,使用任何從互聯網下載 的軟件可能受許可證協議約束,閣下如不遵守該等許可證協議的條款,可能導致侵犯該軟件供應者的知識產權,而本會不會為此承擔任何責任。請緊記,當閣下按下某 個連結,即會離開澳門物品編碼協會網站並進入另一個網站,而閣下須遵守該網站的使用條款和私隱政策。

Hyperlinks to GS1 Macau website 從澳門物品編碼協會以外的網站超連結至本會網站

If you wish to establish hyperlinks in any form on third party websites to any website of GS1 Macau, you must first obtain the approval from us. This will have the sole discretion to approve the establishment of hyperlinks. In general, GS1 Macau will only approve hyperlinks that are displayed solely by the name or website address of GS1 Macau.

閣下如想在第三方的網站以任何形式建立超連結至澳門物品編碼協會的任何一個網站,必須先徵得本會批准。本會有全權決定是否批准建立超連結。一般情況下,本會 只會批准純粹以本會名稱或網站地址顯示的超連結。本會只會在極例外的情況下才批准將本會的徽號、商名和商標用於或顯示於超連結,而使用本會的徽號、商名或商 標須支付費用,款額由本會全權決定。

Amendments and Inconsistency In Wordings 修訂及版本有異

Please note that the above terms and conditions are subject to change sits at any time without notice. It is recommended that you consult regularly and that by entering and using this website, you have agreed to be bound by the terms and conditions as amended.